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    Pesto Pasta with Zucchini Noodles

    Once upon a time, I delightfully ordered pasta with the cheesiest and creamiest sauce possible when dining at Italian restaurants. The more indulgent the fettuccine, the better. I didn’t understand at…

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    Kimchi Pizza with Bulgogi Crust Recipe

    5am. Awake for hours after listening to guided meditation and podcasts with snooze-inducing voices, it seemed that my insomnia had returned. Instead of waiting for sleep, I decided to start the…

  • Recipes

    Jjajangmyeon: Korean Black Bean Noodles Recipe

    Note: This is not your classic jjajangmyeon (짜장면).  A typical bowl of Korean black bean noodles contains pork belly, onion, white wheat flour noodles, potato starch, and sugar. Some people also add rice wine, boiled egg as…

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    Exploring Singapore’s Haunted Mansion

    It’s always summer in Singapore. Beads of sweat soaked through my white tank top, then percolated to my outer botton-up shirt. I rolled down the sleeves to prevent myself from becoming…

  • Restaurants

    Gracias Madre in San Francisco

    Who would’ve thought that Mexican food could go vegan? At Gracias Madre in San Francisco, ceviche is made of young coconut and tacos are topped off with cashew cheese. And just…

  • Restaurants

    Chinatown Food Street in Singapore

    Regardless of their own beliefs Singaporeans take the national holiday off for Vesak, Buddha’s birthday. My friend and I head to Chinatown to eat vegetarian food and visit a temple. We…