Sprouted Garden Cafe at Sunset Boulevard

When I am in need of a vacation, I hang out at Sprouted Garden Cafe. While the weekends tend to be busy much like any other restaurant, the weekday afternoons are the perfect time to enjoy its outdoor dining area. Individuals bring their laptop and books for a study session. I do creative writing upon jotting down brief notes for my food review. I savor every bite of my meal and absorb this peaceful environment with appreciation.

Today I only intended on getting the Liver Tonic to-go at their juice bar. It was a semi-sweet, feel-good drink. They say strengthening your liver results in clearer skin. Whether or not this juice cleanses my liver, the Placebo Effect is enough to put a smile on my face.

As I sat at the storefront, I heard the garden seductively calling my name. “Mina~ Mina~” Upon finishing my drink, I could no longer ignore the temptation. I gave in and walked through the magical wooden gates.

Sprouted-Garden-Cafe-Liver-Tonic-SMALLERAbove: 20 oz. Liver Tonic juice, made of beet, spinach, dandelion and apple.

Upon seating myself, a woman from another table said hello to me. Why did she look so familiar? Aha, she has been my waitress at Cafe Gratitude multiple times before! It was a particularly amusing encounter because I had almost dined there today instead.

The Indian Farmer’s Dal (below), made of black lentils, chopped spinach, tomatoes, red onions and curry, was mild in flavor. For a heavier meal, order quinoa. But for stronger taste, enjoy it as a soup. I’d imagine craving this dish during a cold winter evening. Eating this on a warm sunny day I break out in light sweat due to its spices. Indian Farmer’s Dal is comforting and tasty, however is no match to their Buddha Curry (far top), comprised of chickpea, sweet potato, kale, cooked garbanzo beans, curry leaf, lemongrass and coconut milk. Both dishes are vegan and gluten-free.

Sprouted-Garden-Indian-Farmer's-Dal-with-quinoa-SMALLERAbove, from right to left: Indian Farmer’s Dal, dish with quinoa and ice-less glass of water with slice of lemon.

Normally I don’t order dessert unless in the company of a friend or two. Today my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I get a gluten-free Sweet Potato Brownie, which tasted more like a dark chocolate brownie. It was crumbly with a slight fluff, topped off with crushed walnuts.

Above: The Sweet Potato Brownie getting a tan.

Sprouted Garden outdoor seatingAbove: Outdoor dining area of Sprouted Garden Cafe. The piano seats on the right side (not shown) are currently under construction.

Sprouted Garden Cafe
2813 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 483-7778

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