Sage Bistro in Culver City

Before I left Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to try the newly-opened Sage Bistro of Culver City. Their first location is in Echo Park.

My custom drink made of beet, ginger and cucumber. I confess it tasted healthy. I’d add in an apple next time.

custom beet juice
The Pesto Artichoke Eggplant Pizza. The best vegan pizza I’ve ever had. However it doesn’t taste the same every time. Whoever made it on Friday lunch time did a yummier job than the one who made it on Saturday dinner (9/20/13 versus 9/28/13).

Vegan Pesto Artichoke Eggplant Pizza
Don’t judge a pizza by its colors. While the BTLA Pizza looks more delicious (below), the Pesto Pizza (above) creates a bigger smile on the mouth.

vegan BTLA pizza
An angled view of the BTLA Pizza with gluten-free crust. I admit the eyes enjoy this one more than the Pesto Pizza.

BLTA pizza
Aerial view of Jackfruit Nachos (left) and the Pesto Pizza (right). My round stomach (way left).

Jackfruit Nachos Sage Organic Bistro
My omnivore friend loved the Jackfruit Nachos at the Echo Park location. Either my friend and I have different taste buds or the recipe was altered, the Jackfruit Nachos I had were too salty and spicy. My food buddy for this meal agreed.

jackfruit nachos & pesto pizza
The interior of Sage’s Culver City location is ten times sexier than the one in Echo Park. It’s also got an outdoor seating area. In addition, parking is free. A rare treat in LA. The C.C. location also has 25 flavors of vegan ice cream (Echo Park has only 10) and a pizza oven.

Sage Bistro Culver City 1Sage Bistro Culver City 4Sage Bistro Culver City 3 Sage Bistro Culver City 2

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro
4130 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
Tel. 424-228-5835

PS: When made by the right person, these are super yummy: the Gluten-free Coconut Curry, the Pesto Artichoke Eggplant Pizza, and the Pasta, Pesto and Greens Bowl.

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