Johor Bahru Photography: Peeking Into Malaysia

I went to Johor Bahru on two separate days and walked west JB Sentral. In the 3-by-3 blocks explored, the following photos are of people, cats and sights I encountered.

Man and his afternoon nap using arms as eye mask.

sleeping man
One block away a cat sleeps under a car. Taking advantage of warmth from engine or protection from potential rains?

kitty under car
This kitty doesn’t take naps. It silhouettes itself to resemble Batman.

cat silhouetteIndian women in vibrant green sari resting her hands on the cage of her fortune-telling bird.

indian fortune telling bird
Around the corner was a street lined up with Indian flower shops where they hang a rainbow of floral necklaces. The man in the front sways his head sideways with a serious face while making his necklace. I’m sure he can braid it blindfolded. The man in the background smiles as his teeth shine brightly.

indian man flower necklace
This building was amusing. Not quite understanding the purpose of the curves above the window. Looks like incomplete pimples with rectangular blackheads.

johor bahru funny windows
Feisty dragon resides at the Old Chinese Temple.

Johor Old Chinese Temple
Man praying. Not familiar with what specific type of religious ritual he is performing, however I found this moment to be profound. Whether he is asking for help or repenting, he speaks with an open heart.

praying man at chinese temple
Don’t know his real name nor what the locals call him, but to me he’s “Gangster Grandpa.” He sells coffins and durians in the same shop.

durians & coffin gangster grandpa smoking cigar
His cigarette clouds make him look like he’s got wisdom whiskers on his chin.

gangster grandpa
I spy a rooster.

alley with chicken
Rooftop with white skies. Antennas have a contemporary, fine-artsy air about them.

johor bahru rooftop
In one day I saw more cats in Johor Bahru than my first month stay in Singapore. 5 versus 1.

intense kitty stare

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