World’s Largest Mattress in Singapore

12:30 in the afternoon. Two Indian men sleep on the street, the largest mattress in the world. Public sleepover. They are not homeless. They are construction workers napping during lunch. You can’t help but have sympathy when you hear them drilling and clanking under rain or shine, day or 3am. Yes, 3am in the morning. Shoes neatly placed next to the tree, they lie their backs on concrete. Water bottles are used as pillows.

One block away another worker sleeps. Except he’s a professional. He brought his wooden mat. Spread out on a grassy hill he takes advantage of the shadows cast by a fluffy tree.
Street nappers. Are they a common sight in India? One day I shall find out when I visit the home of my favorite Bollywood films. Until then I close my eyes, imagine myself dancing on the rooftop of a train and enthusiastically singing, “Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya~” One day I will be a Bollywood star. Dream on.

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