Layover in Pudong Airport, Shanghai

5am. I arrive in Shanghai from Singapore. Four hours until the flight to Korea. Do I leave Pudong Airport for a quick tour around the city? It’s probably too early for anything to be open. I end up befriending a fellow passenger while walking to our next gate. We stroll around the airport during our wait. The ceiling looks like worms sticking out and fighting over food (below). Appears cooler in photos than seen in person. Photogenic.

pudong ceiling worms
Introducing my newfound hobby: taking photos of strangers sleeping in public places. It all began in Singapore when I saw construction workers.

man posing like model
With hours to kill, I amuse myself with Chinese words. A friend once told me that the characters look like what it means. True or false? Here are the results.

Before translation.

arrivals & transfer
After my translation.

arrivals & transfer translated
Before translation.

inspection & quarantine
After my translation.

inspection & quarantine translated
Planescape. View while waiting for the connecting flight (below).

pudong airport airplane

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