Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

Compared to Singapore’s hawker centers and local eateries, Whole Earth Vegetarian is on the pricey edge. You pay for quality and nutrition.

Thirsty? Start off your meal with the Homemade Fresh Lemongrass. Served hot or cold, the drink contains no added sugar and is slightly sweet.

fresh lemongrass
For an appetizer I order the Steamed Jade Wraps (far top). Carrot, turnips enoki and ear mushroom are wrapped in leaves of lettuce. Spinach sauce generously coats each wrap. Topped off with bright red goji berries, the dish appears more flavorful than it actually is. Health-conscious eaters, such as myself, will appreciate these juicy, plant-based xiao long bao-ish treats.

For a lighter and tastier appetizer munch on a small bowl of Fried Seaweed sandwiched between layers of skin bean curd.

fried seaweed
The donut-shaped Yam Treasure Ring comes on a bed of crispy white noodles, which would be enhanced if it came with a sauce. The white noodles are for presentation purposes and are bland. Bite-size pieces of capsicum, lily bulb, celery, carrot, beetroot, cashew and abalone mushroom are scattered on and around the yam ring.

yam treasure ring
While the ring’s exterior is flakey, the inside is gooey like a mashed potato and mundane with a modest fried flavor. The cashews, served plain and simple, speak loudest on the dish. The monotony of the yam paste could be easily broken if crushed cashews–not blended–are mixed in. I recommend ordering a succulent plate, such as the Steamed Jade Wraps, to accompany the starchy yam ring.

yam treasure ring inside
For a flavorful, spicy dish order the Penang Rendang with a side of rice. Even carnivores will enjoy this one. It tastes like penang curry and you can’t go wrong with that. The mock meat mimics the texture of beef, but is less chewy and easier to bite.

penang rendang
The Signature Olive Brown Rice is compatible with the Penang Rendang…

signature olive brown rice
…and is plain compared to the spicy Tom Yam Rice.

tom yam fried rice
As for dessert the Homemade Japanese Konnyaku Red Tea Jelly comes with two options: with longan or with sea coconut. The jelly looks like a sister of honey with its shiny, golden and opaque nature. I prefer the sea coconut more than the dessert in its entirety.

jelly with longan
The interior is clean and white with a splash of lime green for vibrancy. A collection of colorful abstract paintings hang on the walls. If one suggestion is to be made regarding decor, the space would feel enhanced if the paintings are larger. Minor detail to most, but having studied architecture and design, I cannot resist.

tables of whole earthtea jelly with sea coconutinterior whole earthfacade corridorwhole earth storefront
Whole Earth Vegetarian
76 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079331
Tel: +65 6323 3308

PS: The first time I dined at Whole Earth, the waitresses came off as unwelcoming due to their serious nature. I eventually was given a smile when paying my bill. In the second visit the same waitresses were friendly.

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