Where I've Been

  • Restaurants

    Sprouted Garden in Los Angeles

    It’s been two weeks since I’ve moved out of Los Angeles. I’m dreaming about one of my favorite omnivore-friendly spots: Sprouted Garden. They serve the best vegan curry and home-made gelato!…

  • Restaurants

    Sage Bistro in Culver City

    Before I left Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to try the newly-opened Sage Bistro of Culver City. Their first location is in Echo Park. My custom drink made of beet,…

  • Restaurants

    Native Foods Cafe in Culver Cafe

    I stopped by the vegan Native Foods Cafe while strolling around Downtown Culver City. A free meal was waiting on my restaurant card. Who said there’s no such thing as a…

  • Restaurants

    Cafe Gratitude in Santa Cruz

    During a roadtrip my best friend and I took a lunch break in Santa Cruz. As loyal customers to the Cafe Gratitudes in Los Angeles, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to…

  • Restaurants

    Shojin in Little Tokyo

    Ordering at Shojin is like tossing a coin and guessing whether it’ll land on heads or tails. For every scrumptious dish that may tickle a carnivore with the idea of turning…