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Kimbap (김밥) – Korean Seaweed Rolls Recipe

Growing up in California, my Korean mother used to make kimbap (김밥) for my school lunch. Every week and sometimes even every day, my friends would look for me, asking if she packed these homemade rolls. I happily shared…


Kimchi Pizza with Bulgogi Crust Recipe

5am. Awake for hours after listening to guided meditation and podcasts with snooze-inducing voices, it seemed that my insomnia had returned. Instead of waiting for sleep, I decided to start the day early. I walked to the kitchen and…


Jjajangmyeon: Korean Black Bean Noodles Recipe

Note: This is not your classic jjajangmyeon (짜장면).  A typical bowl of Korean black bean noodles contains pork belly, onion, white wheat flour noodles, potato starch, and sugar. Some people also add rice wine, boiled egg as a topping, and the fat from the pork…