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Exploring Singapore’s Haunted Mansion

It’s always summer in Singapore. Beads of sweat soaked through my white tank top, then percolated to my outer botton-up shirt. I rolled down the sleeves to prevent myself from becoming a buffet for mosquitos. My feet steamed in…


Johor Bahru Photography: Peeking Into Malaysia

I went to Johor Bahru on two separate days and walked west JB Sentral. In the 3-by-3 blocks explored, the following photos are of people, cats and sights I encountered. Man and his afternoon nap using arms as eye…


Singapore’s Little India: A Photographic Look

Crossing the street and watching out for traffic. Cars don’t stop for pedestrians. Look both ways before and while you cross. Otherwise risk becoming roadkill! On a brighter note, there are colorful cutouts hung over the road in celebration…